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武陵楓情 ▪ 國民賓館二日(住武陵國民賓館)

【Wuling Sightseeing Tour Bus】This tour is ready to depart with a mininum. of 2 travelers

Wuling Farm

Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in the Wei-chin era, illustrated a journey of fantasy into the land of peach blossoms in Wuling in one of his famous poems, " The Peach Colony ".

Just as what he had described, Wuling Farm displays a sea of flowers in spring, bountiful fruits in summer, scarlet maple leaves in autumn, and auspicious snow in winter. It is the Shangri-La dream of the late poet come true, and a perfect place for leisure with its superb quality of service.

Wuling Farm is situated at a high altitude, thus has long been the perfect getaway resort in summer (with an average temperature of 22°C). In addition, it has recently
won the proud name of "Jiuzhaigou of Taiwan" because of its charming
scarlet maple leaves in autumn (Plan a trip from mid November through mid January to be enchanted by the maple leaves). Be it in spring, summer, autumn
or winter, always be ready to leave filled with memories after you have had a taste of Wuling Farm!

Beauty in Wuling: Diverse Looks in Four Seasons

The spring of Wuling is filled with the subtle yet enchanting smell of peach blossoms, plum blossoms, and apple blossoms blooming in the mountains and valleys.

In summer, ripening fruits hanging high on the branches will tempt your taste buds with their bright juicy skin (the season of harvesting is from July to October); deep into autumn, fiery maple leaves framed by the mountains will seduce you with their dance; as winter steps in, crystal white snow covers the peaks of the mountains, portraying the typical aura of the northern

With the continual change of scenery throughout the year, Wuling Farm attracts waves of tourists every season who wonder around its grounds forgetting time, and wish they didn't have to return home.

Traveling Time 2 Day Northern Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 888997

Meet Up Location
Taipei Main Station East Gate 3 (Tour Bus Berth) Pick up location Place to check in
宜蘭威斯汀酒店 Pick up location
棲蘭山莊停車場 Pick up location
武陵農場售票口 Drop off location
武陵賓館迎賓橋 Drop off location
武陵農場醫療站 Drop off location
Taoshan (literally, Peach Mountain) Trail Half-day Hiking Tour
Wuling Guest House Restaurant
Enjoy a Chinese & western styled buffet dinner
Morning Call
South Valley Guided Tour
武陵富野渡假村 Pick up location
武陵農場醫療站 Pick up location
宜蘭威斯汀酒店 Drop off location
台北車站 Drop off location
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☆This tour is ready to depart with a minimum of 2 passengers. The type of vehicle (ranging from a regular size sedan, a mid-size van, to a large tour bus) that will be dispatched for this tour is determined by the number of total passengers on the given day. A reminder will be sent via an instant text message a day before the day of departure.

☆ Please keep us informed if you are accompanied by a child under the age of 2 (fee for underaged passenger will only include insurance/NT$200).

☆ If the age of a child exceeds the above- mentioned age limit after the time of departure, any remaining residue of tour fee is requisite to be made-up on-site.

☆ In the event of any unanticipated condition, such as traffic congestion, or any specific weather condition on the day of tour, the content of itinerary, the sequence of schedules and the time period for each on-foot tour will be consequently rearranged.

☆ Please bring your personal medication when needed; i.e. motion-sickness pills, cold medicine, or insect repellent spray, etc.

☆ Please do not carry any pet or hazardous item, thank you for cooperation.

☆ Please arrive at the pick up location on time; it shall be deemed an automatic waiver in the event of absence due to personal reason or getting off the bus of an ongoing tour. Please accept our apology for not able to provide refund or additional ticket
in the meantime.

☆ The activities contained in this tour are “add-on gifts.” Any waiver will not receive any refund in the meantime.

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Attention Notice

Fee Includes:

Taipei/ Wuling Roundtrip Transpiration Fee

Lishan Guest House 1-night Accommodation (Room type depends on types of meal plan)

Wuling Farm Admission Ticket

Fushoshan Farm Half-day Tour

First-day Wuling Hoya Resort Hotel Quasi-buffet hotpot banquet meal (to be shared w/ group mates).

NT$ 2,000,000 Travel Liability Insurance & NT$30000 Accident Medical Insurance

Fee Does Not Include the following:

Daily hotel room maintenance and gratuity for luggage service 。

Expenses not listed in the abovementioned chart; and self-selected recommended private tour and transportation fee.

Any personal purchases; such as beverages, refreshments, laundry service, phone service, facsimile service or private transportation charge.