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Li Shan is the namesake of a mountain that is superabundant with the cultivation of Asian pears. This locale is the pioneering, and the most thriving scenic area situated by the Central Cross-Island Highway.

Li Shan is not only home to a variety of fruits, Its beautiful scenery is also famous locally and globally; all year round there is a beautiful view for every season—no matter it is blooming flowers, orchards, changing colour of maple leaves, or blankets of snow in winter. A kilometer away from the entrance of Mount Fushou (meaning the "mountain of good fortune and longevity") is the Lishan Culture Museum. It exhibits the history of development at Lishan, the native Atayal Tribe and the construction of the central highway. Besides the recreational value of the Central Cross-Island Highway and Li Shan, tourists could also gain more in-depth knowledge from this setting.

Traveling Time 1 Hour Central Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 50096

Meet Up Location
武陵富野渡假村 Pick up location Place to check in
武陵賓館迎賓橋 Pick up location
梨山賓館 Drop off location
福壽山農場 Drop off location
Order Notice

☆ This tour departs with a minimum of 2 passengers. The type of vehicle (ranging from sedan, mid-size van, to large tour bus) that will be dispatched for this tour is determined by the number of passengers on the given day. An instant message will be sent a day before the departure day.

☆ Please initially inform us, in case a toddler of 2-year-old or under is participating this tour, (fee may include insurance).

☆ If a child is older than above-mentioned age limit subsequent to the departure, any additional fee shall be made-up on-site.

☆ The content, sequence, or time of stopover may be adjusted in response to the condition of traffic or weather, etc..

Attention Notice

☆ Please bring your personal medication if necessary; such as: motion-sickness pills, cold medicine, or insect repellent, etc.

☆ Please arrive at the meet-up point on time; it shall be deemed an automatic waiver in the event of absence, or getting off the bus of an ongoing tour due to personal reason, no refund and additional ticket will be provided in this regard.

☆ Programed Activity or admission tickets included in this itinerary are deemed an “supplementary items,” no refund is allowed in case of waiving.

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