from NT$600 / per person

"Hop-on, Hop-off" Taipei Sightseeing Bus Tour- 1-day Pass

Valid during operation hours, unlimited rides (operation hour: Red route: 09:10-22:00, Blue route: 09:00-16:20)


Blue Line
Departure Timetable

Taipei Main Station - Beimen (North Gate)
Ximen Station - The Red House, Presidential Office, Taipei Guest House
Xinyi & Linsen Intersection - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Theatre and Concert Hall
The Ambassador Hotel - Taipei Eye, Wenchang Temple, SPOT Taipei
Tatung Company - Shuangcheng St.
Taipei Fine Arts Museum - Taipei Story House, Taipei Expo Park
Jiantan Station - Cixian Temple, Shilin Tourist Night Market, Martyrs' Shrine, Taiwan Science Education Center
Shilin Official Residence - Official Residence Park
National Palace Museum - Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

Red Line
Departure Timetable

Taipei Main Station - Beimen (North Gate)
Ximen Station - The Red House, Presidential Office, Taipei Guest House
Xinyi & Linsen Intersection - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Theatre and Concert Hall
Xinyi & Yonkang Intersection - Din Tai Fung Xinyi Store
Daan Park Staion- Jianguo Holiday Flower Market, Jianguo Holiday Artist's Corner
Xinyi & Tonghua Intersection - Linjiang Street Tourist Night Market
Songlian & Songzhi Intersection - Taipei 101 Mall
Songshou Rd. Entrance - Vieshow Cinemas Taipei hsin Yi
Taipei City Hall Station - Discovery Center of Taipei
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall - Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Zhongxiao Dunhua Station - Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch
Dinhao Market - Shopping stores and fine dinning restaurants
Zhongxiao Fuxing Station - Department store gathering
Ministry of Audit - Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Syntrend Creative Park, Guanhua Digital Plaza

Traveling Time 0 Hour Northern Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 88004

Meet Up Location
Order Notice

☆Standing is not allowed on the bus, please remain seated and fasten seat belt at all time.

☆Please store hand-carry bags under the seat. For large luggage, follow attendant’s instruction.

☆Raincoat will be handed over to passengers when it rains. When necessary, attendant will pull out canopy to avoid rain falls down on passengers.

☆Double-decker sightseeing bus may be temporarily stopped for operation during unstable weather. Please refer to Directorate-General of Personnel Administration’s announcement. Assembly that blocks the route, temporary traffic control, malfunction, or other condition which has safety concern, we reserve the right to stop operation.

☆Every bus has accessible area on bottom floor and wheel-chair can be fixed. It’s suggested that handicapped travels with companion.

☆Double decker sightseeing bus is equipped with safety instrument and fire-extinguisher. Please follow attendant’s instruction.

☆English tour guide video with Chinese subtitle will be played throughout all time. Audio tour guide devices are available, please ask the attendant.

☆Only interior seats have USB hole for charging smart devices.☆Please follow instruction and validation period printed on the ticket.

☆Concessionary fare applies to above age 65 Taiwan permanent resident with identification. Foreigner does not have the same privilege. Please refer to the specification promulgated by Taipei City Public Transportation Office

☆Unless otherwise specified, pets are not allowed. However, pet with portable pet bag/carrier (smaller than L55cm x W45cmx H38cm cubic cm) ,which means no harm to human nor public safety and free of scent, may be carried on to bus with our given permission. Pet shall not be released during all time and pet bag/carrier must be placed in front of passenger seat. Each passenger is only allowed to carry one pet. (Above rule does not apply to on-duty police dog, guide dog, or guide dog with trainer)

☆ Each adult is allowed to bring 2 children who are under age of 6

Attention Notice

Valid during operation hours, Unlimited rides.
The ticket can be used for both Red
and Blue route.