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Sightseeing Tour Bus –Flower Blooming Season in Wuling, Exclusive for Overnight Travelers

Every year, Feb. 16st Through Mar. 25th during the flower blooming season at the Wuling Farm, this tourism product --the sightseeing tour bus is offered to accommodate the transportation needs of multiple-day (i.e. accommodation reserved) visitors. This product is offered exclusively to the tourists who have already placed an order on the room reservation of boarding/lodging during the flower blooming season. (Caution: Before getting ready to enter the Wuling Farm, the visitors’ official personal ID or documents will be checked to verify the roster of boarding/lodging. This product/ tour bus is not recommended to Non-Overnight (i.e. Accommodation Reserved) Visitors.

Wuling Farm during the cherry flower blossoming season is considered the most beautiful setting to watch the cherry flowers. However, it's highly suggested to stay overnight at the Wuling Farm if you are planning to watch Wuling’s cherry flowers. Having a total of 21,000 stems and more than 10 variations of cherry blossom trees, this zone of cherry blossom trees is mainly a 3km-long trail, extending from the forest’s mid-valley to the forest’s south and north valleys. Every visitor is amazed by the colorful layers of cherry blossoms, particularly Taiwan Cherry (Prunus Campanulata) and Pink Lady (a hybrid between two variations), stacking one after another. This scenic spot is nowadays the ultimate destination for pilgrimage of Taiwan’s cherry blossom fanatics.

Traveling Time 2 Day Northern Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 50127

Meet Up Location
Taipei Main Station-- East Gate 3 Pick up location Place to check in
Ready to Depart!
宜蘭威斯汀酒店 Pick up location
棲蘭山莊停車場 Pick up location
武陵農場售票口 Drop off location
武陵賓館迎賓橋 Drop off location
武陵農場醫療站 Drop off location
武陵富野渡假村 Drop off location
武陵富野渡假村 Pick up location
武陵農場醫療站 Pick up location
武陵賓館迎賓橋 Pick up location
台北車站東三門 Drop off location
Order Notice

☆This tour departs with a minimum of two passengers. The type of vehicle (ranging from sedan, mid-size van, to a large tour bus) that will be dispatched for this tour is determined by the number of passengers on the given day. An instant message will be sent a day before the departure day.

☆ Children with age under 2 will be charged with NTD$200 insurance and no individual seat.

☆ If the age of a child exceeds than above mentioned age limit subsequent to the departure, any remain residue is requisite to be made-up on-site.

☆ In the event of any unanticipated condition, such as the incidence of traffic congestion and unanticipated weather condition on the day of tour, the content of itinerary, the sequence of schedules and the time of stopover will be consequently rearranged.

☆ Please bring along your personal/ prescribed medication if needed; for example: motion-sickness pills, cold medicine, or insect repellent spray, etc.

☆Please do not bring pets or hazardous items to this tour, thank you for cooperation.

☆ In order to attend this sightseeing tour bus, please arrive at the meet-up point on time; it shall be deemed an automatic waiver in the event of absence due to personal cause, or getting off/on the bus of an ongoing tour. Please accept our apology for no refund and no additional ticket will be provided in the meantime.

☆The programed activity or admission ticket included in this tour is “promotional gift item,’ thus no refund shall be available for a waiver.

☆To process the insurance procedure, please write your ID No. (National Identification Numbers, Visa No., or Passport No.) upon the order placement.

Attention Notice

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