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Sightseeing Bus Tour of Two Mountain Farms: Qinjing & Wuling (Meal-Excluded)

This tour is ready to set off with a minimum of 2 travelers (meal-excluded)


Cingjing Farm

Passing through a primeval forest and lofty canyons, you can gradually immerse yourself in the crisp mountain air and the picturesque verdant pasture of Cingjing Farm.

At 1,700 -2,000 meters of elevation, and with 15-23 Celsius of annual average temperature, Cingjing Farm situated near the Central Cross-Island Highway has
offered a remarkable scenery. It profoundly reminds us of the Alpine pastoral of green meadow with lush grass, happy flocks and herds.

A variety of fruits are specially cultivated at this location, including peaches, pears,
plums, and kiwis. This aerial realm is also known as “a fairyland above the misty clouds,” for being Taiwan’s best-known summer retreat.

At Cingjing Farm in Nantou, there has also been a minority community presently residing for many decades. This unique group of people, which has mainly originated from the southwestern frontier of Mainland China, appears to have been forgotten by the public with the lapse of time.

Retrospect to the days of yore, these citizens once were members of a military force, their initial plan was to wage guerrilla warfare against the communist opposition force along the borders of Thailand, Burma, and Laos. Not until their combats were ceased in response to the pressure received from the United Nations in October 1960, these troop members were mandated to withdraw from the borders. On March 24th, a total of 253 individuals, including 77 of these
veterans and their dependents, had safely arrived in Pingdung, Taiwan.

Following the completion of a hundred days of agricultural training sessions, these
citizens were assigned to reside at Cingjing Farm. Today, you could easily appreciate the unique ambiance of semi-European Alpines at this pasture, which is conveyed through the images of loveable sheep herds grazing on the meadow, of crystal blue sky, as well as verdant mountain ranges on the
horizon. Flocks of sheep here are very docile and approachable, visitors always enjoy having their photos taken with them. Wool shearing shows performed by a native New Zealand rancher there are very entertaining and are also greatly received by visitors of all ages.

Wuling Farm

The Ataya

Way before the Central Highway was completed, Taiwan's aboriginal tribe, the Ataya, had long been residing along the upper stream of Da-Jia river. The residents of Huanshan, Sungmao, Lisan and Jiayang tribe in Taichung City lived a self-sufficient
farming life. After the completion of the Central Highway in 1958, there was a gradual increase of population in Wuling, as people engaged in farming or foresting activities gradually moved into this area. A group of cultivators, in the name of "Taiwan's Veteran Cultivation Reclaim Service Station", started to build the "Wuling Cultivation Area" here.

Initial Stage of Wuling Farm

In the spring of 1963, late president Chiang Ching-kuo, the Chairman of the Vocational
Assistance Commission for Retired Servicemen (now titled Veterans Affairs
Commission), devoted himself to exploring the mountainous areas in search of
person with hardships. He then named the "Wuling Cultivation Area" as "Wuling Farm" on 10th May 1963, and appointed Mr. Lin De-Gi as the first director of the farm. At the initial stage, the farm was under the Veteran Farm Committee. Its main job was the agricultural development of the mountain area along the Central Highway, and resettling veterans as farmers. As the current of time moved, the trend and government's policy shifted toward ecotourism in order to preserve the land of Taiwan. Thus the Farm started 2 stages of developmental changes starting from 1980, in order to develop tourism and agriculture. With its limited resources, the farm worked towards settlement and the caring of veterans, industrial management, tourism development and environmental protection. They worked on making sure resources could be sustainably used, and eventually achieve the goal of sustainable management in 12 years.

Wuling Wonderland

Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in the Wei-chin era, illustrated a journey of fantasy
into the land of peach blossoms in Wuling in one of his famous poems, "The Peach Colony ". Just as what he had described, Wuling Farm displays a sea of flowers in spring, bountiful fruits in summer, scarlet maple leaves in autumn, and auspicious snow in winter.

It is the Shangri-La dream of the late poet come true, and a perfect place for leisure with its superb quality of service. Wuling Farm is situated at a high altitude, thus has long been the perfect getaway resort in summer (with an average temperature of 22°C). In addition, it has recently won the proud name of "Jiuzhaigou of Taiwan" because of its charming scarlet maple leaves in autumn (Plan a trip from mid- November through mid-January to be enchanted by the maple leaves). Be it in spring, summer, autumn or winter, always be ready to leave filled with memories after you have had a taste of Wuling Farm!

Beauty in Wuling: Diverse Looks in Four Seasons

The spring of Wuling is filled with the subtle yet enchanting smell of peach blossoms,
plum blossoms, and apple blossoms blooming in the mountains and valleys. In
summer, ripening fruits hanging high on the branches will tempt your taste buds with their bright juicy skin (the season of harvesting is from July to October); deep into autumn, fiery maple leaves framed by the mountains will seduce you with their dance; as winter steps in, crystal white snow covers the peaks of the mountains, portraying the typical aura of the northern countries.

With the continual change of scenery throughout the year, Wuling Farm attracts
waves of tourists every season who wonder around its grounds forgetting time, and wish they didn't have to return home.

Fushoushan Farm

Fushoushan Farm between Mt. Hehuan and Mt. Snow at altitude 1,800-2,580m is surrounded by mountains and wide view. In addition to the area more than 800 hectares, there are unique landscapes of clouds, mists and plantations; therefore, it is called the Petite Switzerland in Taiwan.

There are impressive landscapes in all seasons with precious agricultural specialties and natural tourist resources. There is the Heaven Pool on the top of the farm where there is water all year long. Also, there are dozens of temperate fruits, mountain vegetables and flowers. Therein, Fushou Everspring Tea is the prime in Taiwan loved by the public.

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