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Chushan Sunset Watching & Tashan Hiking

Sightseeing Tour Bus: From Alishan to Chiya

Alishan is world-famous for having “five wonders; and they are Alishan Forest Railway, the forest trail, sunrise, sunset and Sea of clouds. This national park is considered the most representative of Taiwan’s tourist destinations both domestically and globally.

Even if breathtaking views are common in Alishan region; these five wonders are still considered the main reason for many travelers to visit Alishan each year.

Traveling Time 6 Hour Southern Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 60082

Meet Up Location
Meet-up at the Alishan Tourist Center Pick up location Place to check in
Eryanping Trail
Fenqihu (Lunch on personal arrangement; not included in the tour fee)
Due to traffic control on certain roads in Alishan region, the time of departure and the time of staying at Fengihu are subject to change in regards to the traffic condition on the given day.
Fenqihu (please wait for the bus at the bus stop in front of the bus station)
Eternity Suspension Bridge
Chiayi Train Station Drop off location
Chiayi Taibao THSR Station Drop off location
Order Notice

☆ This tour will depart with a minimum of 4 travelers (Children under age of 4 are excluded in the count). Text message will be send a day before departure of the tour to confirm vehicle plate number and brand.☆ Children with age under 2 will be charged with NTD$900 insurance and no individual seat.☆ Additional fares will be charged If children are over age of 2. ☆ Schedule of the tour may be adjusted due to trafic and weather condition.☆ Fee excludes Alishan National Scenic Area ticket and train ticket.

Attention Notice

☆ Please bring your personal medication to participate the tour if needed; for example: motion-sickness pills, cold medicine, or insect repellent spray, etc.

☆ Please do not carry pet or hazardous item to participate this tour, thank you for cooperation.

☆ Please arrive on time to attend this tour bus; it shall be deemed an automatic waiver in the event of absence due to personal cause, or getting off the bus of an ongoing tour. Please accept our apology for not able to provide refund or additional ticket in this regard.

☆ The activities included in this tour are “complimentary add-on.” Any waiver will not receive any refund in this regard.