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台灣觀巴 Taiwan Tour Bus 指定合作旅行社

Fushoushan Farm is surrounded by Mt. Hehuanshan and Mt. Sylvia(Xueshan) peaks, ranging from 2100 to 2614 meters above sea level. Fushoushan Farm covers an area of more than 800 hectares, plus a unique rural landscape. While overlooking from the highest point, "it's almost like a
small Switzerland!"

A poet once described Fushoushan as: Snow flies in the sky in January; people sing songs for cherry flowers in February; peach flowers dance in March; children laugh with apple and pear flowers in April. All flowers bloom in May, the fragrance of tea is permeating the room in June, yellow chrysanthemum greets you in July, the savory of peach is found in August. The sweetness of pear is tasted in September, a season of harvest is witnessed in October, people pick apples happily and enjoy the view of red maple leaves in November, and hoar frost descends in December.”

Traveling Time 2 Day Central Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 50095

Meet Up Location
Hoya Resort Hotel-- Wuling Pick up location Place to check in
Wuling Guesthouse-- Yin Bin Bridge Pick up location
Lishan Guesthouse Drop off location
Fushoushan Farm Drop off location
Fushoushan Farm Pick up location
LIshan Guesthouse Pick up location
Wuling Guesthouse-- Yin Bin Bridge Drop off location
Hoya Resort Hotel-- Wuling Drop off location
Order Notice

☆This tour is ready to depart with a minimum of 2 travelers. The type of vehicle (ranging from regular size sedan, mid-size van, to large tour bus) dispatching for this tour is determined by the total number of passengers on the day of departure. A reminder will be sent via an instant text message a day prior to the day of departure.

☆ Please keep us informed if you are accompanied by a child under the age of 3 (fee for underaged passenger will only include insurance/NT$200).

☆ If the age of a child exceeds the above-mentioned age limit after the time of departure, any residue of tour fee is requisite to be made-up on-site.

☆ In the event of any unanticipated condition, such as traffic congestion, or any specific weather condition on the day of tour, the content of itinerary, the sequence of schedules and the time of stopover may be accordingly rearranged.

Attention Notice

☆ Please bring your personal medication when needed; i.e. motion-sickness pills, cold medicine, or insect repellent spray, etc.

☆ Please do not carry pets or hazardous items, thank you for cooperation.

☆ Please arrive at the pick-up location on time; it shall be deemed an automatic waiver in the event of a passenger’s absence or getting off the bus of an ongoing tour due to personal reason. Please accept our apology for not able to provide refund or additional ticket for the time being.

☆ The activities comprised in this tour are deemed “add-on complimentary items.” Any waiver will result in no refund in the meantime.