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As a part of Shui (“meaning “snow”)

Mountain Range, Tao Mountain is famous for being both one of the “Four Beauties of Wulin,” as well as being one of “A Hundred High Mountains of Taiwan.” With an altitude of nearly 3325 meters, it is situated in the north of Wulin Farm, and is the dividing borderline between Xinzhu County and Taichung City area.

While it is originally named "Babo Kaboa (meaning "Fist Mountain)" in the aboriginal language of Atayal, Tao (meaning “peach”) Mountain is named after its resemblance of the shape of fruit. This place is situated in the most accessible and the prettiest location among all of renowned mountain tour destinations of so-called “Four Beauties of Wulin,” as well as “A Hundred High Mountains of Taiwan.”

The total length of Tao Mountain Trial is 4.3 km long. With two lines of Taiwan’s native red pines and cypresses waving in the gentle breeze along the hiking trial, crisp in hikers’ face is the ambient oxygen and phytoncide. The waterfall in this area, also known as the “Sound of Smoke,” is situated at the altitude of 2200- 2500 meters, and is one of the most famous high mountain waterfalls in Taiwan; originated from Tao Mountain Creek, its stream delivers constant living spring water and plenty of anions. Strolling along the waterfall trial, the panoramic scenes of famous local sightseeing scenes: Tao Mountain, Snow Mountain, as well as the Wulin region, can be easily spotted. The indulgences of phytoncide and anions in the area not only can make you feel rejuvenated but also rewarded.

Traveling Time 3 Hour Central Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 50090

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