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Yilan Coastal Tour-- Dolphin Watching Cruise & Delicious Seafood Feast (May through Oct.)

One-day Tour-- A Minimum of 6 Travelers

Yilan Coastal Tour begins at the Lanyang Plain’s No.1 landmark-- "the Lanyang Museum," follows by a feast of fresh seafood and a dolphin watching cruise.

Lanyang Museum

Architectural Landscape: The Cuesta Emerging from the Ground. Unique Cuesta Style. The building’s design is inspired by the cuestas commonly seen along the Beiguan Coast. Cuesta is a Spanish name for a geological formation in which rock layers gently slope up to an escarpment or a cliff and at this raised point the rock layers are exposed on their edges. These cuestas are unique geographical features of this region. The museum adopts the geometric shapes of the cuestas, the roof protrudes from the ground at an angle of 20 degrees meeting a wall which rises from the ground at an angle of 70 degrees; thus the building emerges from the ground in a similar fashion to that of a cuesta, enabling it to blend in with the surrounding geological features.

Gueishan (Turtle) Island

Turtle Island stands in the Pacific Ocean, is a natural landmark in Yilan County. "Turtle Island" is named for its resemblance to a turtle. This islet is currently the only identified active volcano in Taiwan. Visitors can easily see jet water in front of the Turtle Island and a moving tail, therefore many locals perceive it as a living turtle.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

The area around Turtle island is known to be the common habitat for bottlenose dolphins and spinner dolphins. These marine mammals enjoy diving around the island, and are not only unique, but also lively and lovable.

Traveling Time 8 Hour Eastern Taiwan Tour Bus
Tour No. 20041

Meet Up Location
Taipei Main Station Entrance East 3 Pick up location Place to check in
Jiaoxi Train Station Pick up location
Lanyang Museum
Lunch (Seafood) at Wushi Harbor
Dolphin Watching Cruise Tour
Wushi Harbor(Touchen fisherman's association)
A-Cheung Taro Ice Cream
Yilan Cake Shop, Jiaoxi
Order Notice

☆ This tour will depart with a minimum of 6 travelers (Children under age of 2 are excluded in the count). Text message will be send a day before departure of the tour to confirm vehicle plate number and brand.

☆ Children with age under 2 will be charged with NTD$200 insurance and no individual seat.

☆ Additional fares will be charged If children are over age of 2.

☆ Schedule of the tour may be adjusted due to weather condition or traffic condition.

Attention Notice

☆ Bring your personal medications when needed.

☆ Pets and dangerous items are prohibited

☆ No refund for leaving an ongoing tour or lateness due to personal reasons.

☆ This tour contains free of charge activity and ticket, no refund for renouncing.