Ticket:Adult / Child

Foreigner only high speed railway ticket coupon

Non-Taiwan permanent resident only. This product only provides ticket coupon, please select your seat at prepaid ticket booth within station.

Please bring your passport (China resident: Taiwan Travel Permit for Mainland Residents) and valid ticket coupon number to HSRT prepaid ticket booth to reserve seat.

Please hand over your passport or Taiwan travel permit to service personnel for examination at terminal entrance.

Order Notice

(1)Regular cabinet ticket: Please reserve your seat at prepaid ticket booth, no fee required for reservation.
(2)Regular cabinet seat does not accept online reservation or telephone
(3)HSRT does not guarantee seats for peak hours or holidays.
(4)After issuing ticket, no refund or no re-issue for lost, stolen and damaged ticket.
(5)No reimbursement or postpone validation period will be made to none human bias occurred (delayed train, temporarily halt operation, cancelled train). Case of force majeure, refer to HSRT refund policy.
(6)Ticket coupon number is for exchange hard copy of ticket, and cannot be used to enter platform terminals.
(7)Ticket coupon number must be exchanged to hard copy ticket within validation period
(8)Ticket coupon number validation period is 90 days after payment made to us. Postponing is prohibited.
(9)Refund can only be made within validation period with original issuer (UpToGo), and 10% transaction fee will be charged.
(10)Child ticket: over age 6 (include) and less than age 12 (exclude). Please bring children’s passport for examination.

Should you have further question, please contact us.

Attention Notice

Rejection circumstances:
Forget to bring passport
Invalid ticket coupon
Passport identification does not match with ticket coupon