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About Us

More than 30 years of experience in traveling service and car rental. Professional drivers and tour guides will take you to experience, to feel, and to explore Taiwan's unique culture and creativety.

Brand Concept

We can take you to wherever you desire to go, everyone can simply experience Taiwan's tours of most unique and brand-new scenic locations by joining UpToGo. There ain't a place that you can't reach, just get up and go.

Core Value

We dig into Taiwan's culture, experience and create diversified tours in Taiwan.

Instead of packaging tour, we can modularize each tour to satisfy each customer's individual need.
Professional online tour designer-- we customize your itinerary.
Theme travel specialist
Professional trained tour guides and chauffeurs.
Provide a vareity of quality services.
Feel Taiwan Experience Taiwan
Creative Thematic Tours-- let's experience the part of Taiwan that is genuine and unique!
Fast and convenient
Our fleet service covers locations all around Taiwan, and provides satisfactory and convenienttourism and transportation services.
About e-go group

E-GO Taiwan Car Rental Group was established in 1977. With a total of total over 600 of vehicles, our fleet includes sedans, vans, commercial vehicles, coaches. We provide rental car service, inter-city and intra-city bus services, as well as sightseeing bus service. Our mission is to fulfill every customer's demand, and to provide satisfactory and convinient traveling experiences.

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