Travel from Taipei to Taichung

The journey from the capital city Taipei in the north of the island down to the central coastal city of Taichung can be completed in a number of ways. However, there are many advantages to choosing a chauffeur service for the trip, whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure.

While there are a number of budget options to get between Taipei and Taichung, such as local coach services, these are generally slower than travelling by car. At first glance the HSR may seem to be the fastest way to navigate your journey but the time saving factor can be greatly cut into by the faffing around at the station purchasing your tickets, dragging your luggage along with you and then of course, conforming to the timetable.

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Jerry Lai

The fastest HSR train time (on certain express services) is 47 minutes. Add on to that the taxi rides, finding a cab at either end and the hassle of dealing with unfamiliar surroundings and a realistic door-to-door journey using a combination of taxi and HSR from Taipei World Trade Center (right by Taipei 101) to the Taichung World trade Center (a few minutes from the downtown area) could easily take two hours. Meanwhile our chauffeur service can have you there in an altogether less stressful manner in around 1 hr and 40 minutes.

Business travellers can relax in comfort, secure in the knowledge that they will dropped at their destination in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss. They may also take advantage of the in-car USB ports to recharge devices, and perhaps catch up on work. Furthermore, they may make business related calls, or discuss sensitive projects amongst themselves, in a confidential environment as they are whizzed from Taipei to Taichung.

Our chauffeur service eliminates concerns about a taxi having trouble finding an address or other language issues. You arrive punctually, feeling refreshed and relaxed after your journey. Plus of course any luggage you have may be dropped off at the hotel or remain in the car while you go about your business.

Those travelling for pleasure, or mixing the both, find that choosing a chauffeur service can transform this simple journey into an absolute pleasure as there are several tourist spots between the two cities that may be popped into along the way. Taiwan is often seen at it’s best in the small market towns that travellers who opt for train or coach services simply miss.

A short hop off the number 3 freeway, which runs between Taipei and Taichung, Daxi is an old presidential town. The town was a bustling tea and camphor tradepoint and the wealthy merchants splashed out elaborate baroque carved stone facades on the shophouses that line the Old Street. The architecture dates back over several periods from the early 19th century on to the Japanese period in the early 20th century. Fortunately the early 21st century has seen the government focus on restoration of the buildings. The result is a charming old street which can sometimes feel as though you are on a period drama filmset.

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In true Taiwanese old-street style you’ll find many local delicacies on offer in particular the handmade peanut candy, which in some stores is made right in front of you. Also, the local dried tofu is a famed for its blend of sweet and salty. You can have a plate served up to you or grab a vacuum-packed bag as a distinctive treat to take home. There are plenty of food options to grab a bowl of local noodles or rice dumplings. The street also has a number of shops selling old style Taiwan items and knick-knacks which make great gifts. It’s very busy at the weekends, so midweek visitors are rewarded by a more relaxed atmosphere.

Daxi was a favourite haunt of former dictator Chiang Kai Shek and nowadays his remains and those of his son Chiang Ching Kuo – who succeeded his father - are in mausoleums that previously served as the presidential residences. The parkland surrounding the area borders a pretty lake and rather oddly is home to hundreds of decommissioned statues of the previous dictators.

History or architecture buffs may also appreciate the nearby Lee Tang Feng historical mansion which stands a short distance from the village. The Hakka-style mansion dates back to 1859 and is currently listed as a grade 2 historic building. The sire was renovated and reopened in late 2017 so today’s visitors can really appreciate the freshly restored paintwork and period furniture in the rooms.

Meanwhile Tea lovers or keen photographers may want to swing by the restored Daxi Old Tea Factory. There’s plenty of opportunity to learn about tea production, enjoy a cuppa or light meal by the pond, or purchase some high-quality local tea. Photographers will be taken by the fantastic lighting in this renovated factory.

Of course, visitors who choose to use our chauffeur service can choose to visit a couple of the attractions at Daxi without having to worry about finding somewhere to store their luggage or how get from place to place. They are free to relax and explore unencumbered.

Another easy stop-off on the journey from Taipei to Taichung is
Sanyi Township off the number 1 freeway. Designated as one of Taiwan’s ten tourist towns Sanyi has seen a lot of investment in the tourism industry. Like sister designated town Daxi, Sanyi also has an old street, but the sought-out dishes here are mainly the Hakka-style noodles. However most visitors come to enjoy the wood carved sculptures.

During the Japanese occupation camphor trees from the nearby mountains were routed through this Mioali township and today visitors to the old street may wander through art galleries and shops selling high end wood sculptures, and shops stocking simpler wooden souvenirs. Along with plenty of opportunities to enjoy local snacks – including the island wide famous Bicycle Stinky tofu - and a pleasant old-street with lots of wooden shopfronts, it’s a great spot to grab a lunch and have a mooch around.

Up at the nearby Wood Sculpture Museum there are an amazing pair of elephants sculpted out of the remains of twisted tree trunks and numerous other curious wooden sculptures are dotted around the landscaped areas around the museum.

Another popular site is the rather unpromisingly named Long Teng Broken bridge. This Japanese era bridge was built in 1906, damaged by an earthquake in 1935 and only the ruined pillars remain. However, visitors who take the time to venture around to the rear of the pillars can see banyan tree roots twine around the remains and making for some cool photography. This area is especially pretty during the Hakka Tung Blossom season from late March to the start of May.

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Source: Yi-Ting Chen

Tourists or businesspeople with a spare day in Taichung may also consider chartering our chauffeur service for a day or half-day trip to some of the fantastic scenic spots surrounding Taichung such as Dasyueshan Scenic area, Gunguan hotsprings or Sun Moon Lake. These destinations are often tricky to get to by public transport, but our chauffeur service can take you there in comfort all within a two-hour drive through Taiwan’s stunning mountain scenery.