UpToGo Travelers and Nostalgia

That year, that season, that day. A journey with no returning. Everything stays the same except you and me. With friends? With family? With Lover? Tell us the story of the place left behind you in your memory.

Traveler select any tour in Up To Go website, and write your own story for promotion and email to sales_01@e-go.com.tw . We reserve the right to review and adjust, we will edit the story with UpToGo logo background. Traveler will receive promotion code for each story. Traveler can use the edited promotion story and code to post in your private community connection tool (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Line, WeChat). Reward will be given to traveler at end of each month, we will account for the code that has been inserted through purchase process and that tour must be departed.

Deadline of receiving story
2016/11/1 至 2016/12/31

Rewarding Period (Tour depart period)
2017/1/1 至 2017/6/30

Tour Selection: Any tour in Up To Go website

Story Title: Author Name+ Place of story + Up To Go Tour Number

Story style: Not limited, essay, poem, which connects to the tour

Font: Times New Roman, size 14

Number of words: 400-700, has not been posted in other published paper or media source

Photograph: colored, JPEG, size 1680*600, post-edit is forbidden

Activity liaison
+886-2-27965665 #8608 Mr. Yen or #8610 Mr. Wang